• I began seeing Diane in the midst of a family crisis. The help she provided not only allowed me to manage that period effectively but also to deepen my understanding of my feelings, needs, and reactions throughout the experience. The insight and improved self-confidence I gained are the direct result of her positive energy, warmth, and thoughtful support. She is skilled in several modalities which have enhanced my progress, especially when I was stuck at an emotional impasse.

    Diane is a very skilled listener and her greatest gift has been to teach me to listen to myself. Her approach is gentle and has tremendous power through non-judgmental guidance. She taught me how to be "curious" about my own feelings, indirectly teaching me to be more open with myself and others.

    Another aspect of Diane's approach that I believe was very therapeutic is her professionalism. It is clear that she approaches her work very seriously and passionately. I have always felt that her goal was to promote my healing. She is flexible and responsive regarding scheduling. These more practical aspects of her work have allowed me to focus on my personal growth rather than ever getting bogged down in the 'business' of therapy.

    I cannot recommend Diane highly enough. While every therapist-client relationship is unique, I believe Diane's warmth, openness, and professionalism make her easy to connect with for most anybody!

    Liz Clinical Psychologist
  • Diane Nadler is a consummate professional, a warm individual, and a gifted therapist. She has provided me with a caring and constructive environment for self-discovery and improvement for over a year at the time of this writing. She is always totally present during sessions and is well equipped with the breadth of training and life experience that a client could only hope for. As a performing artist I have felt well understood by her. She has a strong relation to the creative process and has been extremely supportive and inspiring in this regard. We can all benefit from having a person like Diane in our lives.

    Shane Professional Musician 
  • Very gently and very assertively, Diane is helping me to peel off the heaviness I have been carrying for too long. I leave each session with a few layers off, only to discover that what I am getting closer to is a place that increasingly keeps getting bigger and richer. Like an inward astronomer, Diane makes you discover more and more universe.

    Ester Visual Artist
  • I first heard of Diane Nadler ten years ago when a friend spoke of her with high regard. I never thought I would ever need to use someone like her but then the financial downturn of 2008-2009 happened. I found myself having panic attacks and knew I needed help. I went to see Diane and was better in a month. She taught me how to help myself. I recently went back to work with Diane on something to motivate me in business and found that what I had to work on was fear as it was at the root of my problem. Diane has made a big difference in my life. I hope by sharing this with others they can have the same experience.

    Robert Real Estate Broker
  • Our weekly sessions have transformed me so profoundly that my whole life is shifting with it. You have guided me to feel safe, heard, and understood in this world. Throughout the process I have learned to care for myself, my family, my community and the universe. I have learned to understand my choices, and to align them with healthy and loving actions toward myself and others.

    Your gentle voice and your intuition is reason enough to look forward to our sessions. Your personal stories support my own in that I feel comforted to know that I am not alone in this journey. I am impressed with your detailed and vast knowledge and your encouragement to listen to my body and Spirit. You have an uncanny ability to remember each one of our conversations, and reference words and phrases I would otherwise not remember.

    I had been looking for many years to find someone like you, but I never thought I would find anyone to support me in my journey. You have done this and beyond. I cherish the work you do, and you for doing it. You are an important practitioner in the field, one that should not be missed. It is not everyday that I meet someone who is walking their path so clearly. Thank you for taking this route, and for bringing me along. I am profoundly grateful, and transformed because of it.

    Stephanie Professor of Fine Art
  • Having not found much success in therapy in my life, I first came to Diane with little expectations...little hope and not much faith in myself. I didn't expect to find that in the clear warmth of her presence I could open my heart and expose me to me...and learn, learn, learn. And learn I did. The big mistakes of my life were finally clear to me. I could safely explore with her my gender tenderness. My creative energies found a new source of hope...me. Working with Diane has given me the greatest gift...faith in my future. But I'll tell you a big secret about her. She is so easy to work with. Warm, smooth and intelligent. Always there with me...side by side, helping me to restore my spiritual elegance. Coming through her door for the first time has turned out to be the greatest success of my life...so far.

    Harvey Educator
  • I felt like a part of me had been asleep for years. Diane's subtle guidance helped to awaken my spirit. I've regained my confidence and self esteem and am ready for a beautiful new chapter in my life. For this, I am overwhelmingly grateful.

    Ronni Real Estate Broker
  • Her forte is her dedication to that which is personally and universally honest, and the unveiling of truths past, present, and potential future. By this process of unveiling, she is not only a spectacular guide through healing, but an inspiration to discover a powerful, untapped, joyful self.

    LMM Author
  • Diane Nadler is a highly skilled, mindfulness-based psychotherapist and a well developed human being who has proven to be enormously helpful to me in the course of my own desire for growth and self-development.

    J Photographer
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